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Coises’ Quintzee

Coises’ Quintzee is a computer simulation of a classic “Poker Dice” game which you can play in solitaire mode or against a virtual opponent. Quintzee 2.0 should run on any Windows system XP or later.

version 2.0 build 3 (install package for Windows; 27.8MB)

Also available: C++/Qt source archive (11.6MB)

Source is included in the install package; download the source archive only if you want to examine the source but cannot or do not want to install the program. Quintzee 2.0 uses Qt 5.5.1.


version 2.0 build 3 (install package for Windows; 27.8MB)

  • Complete rewrite

    Coises’ Quintzee version 2.0 is a complete rewrite of the original Quintzee. Quintzee version 1 was written in Java, while version 2 is written in C++ using the Qt Framework. There are probably more minor changes than I can remember; I’ll try to list the important changes below.

    When you first run Quintzee version 2.0, it will check to see if you have game settings and score history from version 1. If you do, it will copy them to the settings and score history for the new version. Unfinished games, window size and position, and settings from the Options dialog will not be not copied.

  • No longer uses Java

    Quintzee no longer requires that you have Java installed. It will start faster. However, if you somehow managed to run Quintzee on an operating system other than Windows by using the .jar file, that will not be possible with version 2, since there is no .jar file.

  • Bonus quintuplets changes

    I removed the Bonus quintuplets setting “score 100 + normal score.” Hopefully no one was attached to it.

    I changed the Bonus quintuplets setting “take an additional turn” to “roll again.” With this setting, instead of taking additional turns at the end of the game, now you roll the dice again—as if you were starting your turn over—immediately after you score 100 points for bonus quintuplets. I don’t think this will have any negative effect on the experience of playing the game; however, it makes the mathematics and programming of the computer opponent much less problematic, which is why I changed it.

  • End-of-game analysis changes

    I replaced the “detailed analysis” of version 1 with “solitaire analysis” and “competitive analysis.” There are no longer any settings related to end-of-game analysis. All analysis is performed during your turn, so you never have to wait for it.

  • Saving games in progress

    Quintzee version 2 saves games at the end of each turn when you play solitaire, and at the end of each computer turn when you play with a computer opponent. If you are playing with a computer opponent and you close Quintzee during the computer’s turn, version 2 will not complete the computer’s turn and save the game before closing; if you later resume your game, the saved game will not include your last turn.

version 1.1 build 2 (install package for Win32; 3.53MB)


Quintzee solitaire Quintzee with computer opponent