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Coises Unbound

like pages bound in no book
like laborers bound to no master
like travelers bound for no known destination

Stories and poetry

The Story of the Ten Commandments (as told by Coises) (January 25, 2002): what really happened on that mountain

A Thin Place in the Skin of Things (November 10, 2005): a poem

Cat’s Claw (June 27, 2010): a short-short story written for a fan-fiction contest

Dream Dawning (May 13, 2013): an unusually detailed dream that came just before waking

Graphic tales

The Old and the Young (July 11–18, 2006; January 31, 2018): a comic about the multi-generation gap

Postmodern News (April 5, 2009–?): Don’t read that... look at this!

Essays and letters

Art Is Not a Zero-Sum Game (August 7, 1998): an essay originally posted to Electronic Musician magazine's Perspectives discussion board

What Napster Means (June 8, 2000): an open letter to Metallica, et al.

Morality and Ethics (August 22, 2000): a brief essay suggesting a distinction between morality and ethics

There Is No Political Solution (April 13, 2007): on the futility of politics

Democracy, Ends and Means (March 17, 2009): an essay suggesting a failure mode of contemporary US democracy

Protecting and Promoting the Open Internet (July 13, 2014): my response to the FCC’s request for comments


Aquarius Revisited (July 31, 1998): An Customer Review of this book (which somehow came out sounding rather like an advertising blurb) has the dubious distinction of being the first thing I wrote to appear on the World Wide Web.

Shampoo (December 29, 1998): a movie review for IMDb reviews (October 23, 2002–?)