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Creative Commons Licensing for Coises’ Songs

Creative Commons Attribution License

The songs and lyrics on this web site which I have written are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. In simple terms, that means you may do almost anything you like with them, so long as you credit me when you distribute them, or work of your own that makes use of them; you avoid suggesting that I endorse your work or your use of my work; and when you pass along my work or use it as part of your own work, you let those who receive copies know that they are welcome to copy, re-distribute and build upon my work as well.

How to attribute

In contexts where hyperlinks are available (such as web pages):

<a href="http://www.coises.com/songs/">Title of the Song</a>
&copy; year by
<a href="mailto:Music@Coises.com">Randy Fellmy</a>
is licensed under a
<a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/">Creative Commons Attribution License</a>.

In plain text, video credit crawls, CD liner notes, etc.:

Title of the Song © year by Randy Fellmy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License;
see www.coises.com/songs for details.

Audio files:

If you re-distribute the MP3 files on this site, simply leave the meta-data intact.

If you create your own audio files (for example, of a performance or a derivative work) and it is not practical to include at least the title of my work, my name (Randy Fellmy) and a reference to my web site (www.coises.com or www.coises.com/songs), please try to include this information somewhere, such as on your own web site, where recipients of your file can find it.

Performances and sampling:

If it is practical to credit me and/or my web site, that would be appreciated. When this would not be reasonable (for example, if you have used only a small sample which is not readily identifiable in a work using dozens of samples), the attribution requirement is waived.