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Tell me once and tell me twice, But whatís the good of good advice That I canít take, Waiting for your heart to break?
Sit beside me, let me hold you. Just forget the things I told you Yesterday: All my words have turned to grey.
And itís taken so long, And though I could be wrong, Now I think Iím on top, And I can stop This whirlwind.
As youíre turning, Iím still praying I can talk you into staying One more day: I canít let you get away.
íCause itís taken so long. Baby, maybe youíre wrong. When you make me complete, Maybe I can beat This whirlwind.
Thereís no promise I can make That you and I know I wonít break Before too long: Plans are weak and wind is strong.
Tell me once and tell me twice: You tell me that youíll pay the price That love demands, Just to hold me in your hands.
As weíre learning to live With the take and the give On the carnival ride That is love inside The whirlwind.