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“Action!” on a scarlet street.
She takes his hand and then they meet.
The Method is obsolete:
Everyone’s miscast.

A chocolate kiss, a red balloon,
Strawberries on a silver spoon,
Unbuttoned underneath the moon,
Your heart is beating fast
And strong.

The cinema isn’t finished yet.
We speak in secret alphabet.
You light another cigarette.
We’ve been waiting here too long.

Sweet perfume and cinnamon —
The kung fu scene has just begun.
A hero’s work is never done:
The stuntman’s left the grounds.

Cardboard sets and scenery:
Nothing’s what it seems to be.
Make out, break out, fake out me.
The temple master sounds
His gong.

The cinema isn’t finished yet.
The director is an idiot.
The extras won’t get off the set.
They’ve been watching us too long.

He goes left and she goes right.
They both get swallowed by the night.
It doesn’t matter if we fight.
There’s nothing left to lose.

The titles and the grand marquee
Are buried in their own debris.
This isn’t what I came to see.
The magazine reviews
Were wrong.

The cinema isn’t finished yet.
I’m staring at the usherette.
The movie screen is soaking wet.
It’s been raining here too long.

The opportunity to make
A new try at the same mistake,
Can demonstrate how lovers break.
We’re never going to bend.

Flashes we cannot avoid
Burn your life like celluloid.
My confidence has been destroyed.
I have no way to end
This song.