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Come Away, Linda

Speak to me Quietly. Nighttime is not kind. There’s no grace In this place. Hope is hard to find.
Tell me now, Tell me how We can get away. If you’re here, Oh, my dear, Speak, without delay, What you came to say.
Come away, come away, Linda. Slip out of bed without a sound. Come away, come away, Linda. Our feet will barely touch the ground. Stealing away from a lifetime That has never been true to your heart, Everything you have been longing for Is right here, but you must play your part. Come away, come away, Linda.
Dreams depart From my heart Slowly in the night. Such a free Melody Fills me with delight.
Whippoorwills In the hills Must be what I hear. Still the song Rolls along, Whisp’ring in my ear, Saying not to fear.
Come away, come away, Linda. Your heart is beating like a bird’s. Come away, come away, Linda. You know I call with more than words. Everything springs from a moment, And this moment is your time to fly. Critics and cynics can tie you down. Cut their ropes now, and reach for the sky. Come away, come away, Linda.
Close to sleep, Dark is deep And the night is still. Was it true? Was it you At my windowsill?
If you’re there, Don’t despair. Call my name once more. Make it clear And sincere, Like you did before, Mi conquistador.
Ándele, ándele, Linda, (Hurry, hurry, Linda,) Por la ventana, sin miedo. (Through the window, without fear.) Ándele, ándele, Linda, (Hurry, hurry, Linda,) Confía en lo que digo. (Trust in what I say.) Tú estabas esperando (You have been waiting for) Valentía que ya tenías. (Courage you already have.) Ven conmigo y te prometo (Come with me, and I promise you) Que nunca te arrepentirás. (You will never regret it.) Ándele, ándele, Linda. (Hurry, hurry, Linda.)
¡Ándele, ándele, Linda! (Hurry, hurry, Linda!) Por la ventana al cielo. (Through the window to heaven.) ¡Ándele, ándele, Linda! (Hurry, hurry, Linda!) Confiemos en el destino. (Trust in fate.) Nothing can stop us; together, There’s no enemy we cannot fight. Ev’ry tomorrow’s a chance to shine, And tomorrow’s beginning tonight. Come away, come away, Linda.