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Just Bring Me Home

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Do you come here often?
Me, I stop once in a while:
A midnight sanctuary
For the faithless in exile.
I’m not after passion.
Simple comfort’s more my style.
You don’t have
To make me laugh.
You don’t even have to smile.

Just bring me home, and we’ll say nothing
Of the lives we led before.
Just bring me home, and we’ll leave all our
Baggage piled outside the door.
Histories and burdens
Aren’t so easy to ignore.
Tonight I want to show you
We don’t need them anymore.

Just bring me home.
Just bring me home.

Must this magic moment
Be a license to confess,
While you’re waiting for the whiskey
To conceal the consequence?
Truth is just a shadow:
We can never really guess
What a truth reveals,
And what it steals
From a chance at happiness.

Just bring me home, and I won’t tell you
Any truths or any lies.
Just bring me home, and let me take some
Of the sadness from your eyes.
When the morning wakes us,
And the sun begins to rise,
I will ask no questions.
You will need no alibis.

Just bring me home.
Just bring me home.

There, beneath the shadows,
Hangs a face that knows my name,
Looking for the exit
To the land from which we came.
That world’s gone, we can’t go back:
Things will never be the same.
We’re older now,
And colder now,
And there’s only life to blame.

Just bring me home without excuses
From the faithful and the blind.
Just bring me home, for simple pleasures
And the comforts we can find.
If I can touch your body
I won’t try to touch your mind.
I don’t need your honesty;
I just want you to be kind.

Just bring me home.
Just bring me home.
Just bring me home.