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Meet Me in the Sunset

Meet me in the sunset, When the moonís about to rise. Meet me in the sunset, With the twilight in your eyes. I might be a humble man, But Iíve always been true. Nothing in my world could ever Take the place of you. Now you tell me there are Greener pastures you must see. All I ask is that you take One long, last look at me.
Meet me in the sunset, With your hair hanging down. Meet me in the sunset, On the green and rocky ground. I know that you want me To forget all weíve been through, But your smile is going to haunt me, And my heart will break in two. Watch the golden sun set In these eyes that love you so, And tell me that thereís any warmer Place that you can go.
Meet me in the sunset. Donít deny my one request. Of all the ones that loved you, Girl, you know I love you best. Many men are richer, And more handsome by far, But who else loved you just as much, Just the way you are? I canít let you walk away Without taking one last chance, íCause all I want and all I need Is bound up in our romance.